Educational Field Trips in Wakayama

Wakayama is a prefecture of deep gorges, mountainous terrain, forward-thinking people and a warm human spirit. Homestay programs, school exchanges, and experiential learning programs open up the prefecture to the world. Through these programs , students from all over the globe can immerse themselves in distinctive Wakayama culture and share ideas about crucial issues facing this generation and the next, including sustainability, nature, the environment, and community spirit.

Homestay Programs

If you are looking for a homestay program where students can experience a truly different way of life, consider Wakayama. Each of the five homestay programs are located in rural areas of the prefecture, where the cultural fabric is bound together by agriculture, community, and tradition. Students can experience a traditional Japanese lifestyle here, markedly different from life in the metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka.

Students can foster deeper cross-cultural communication by staying with a host family and assisting with everyday tasks in and around the house and enjoying local cuisine and customs firsthand.

Homestay programs are available all year round, allowing them to slot into regular school schedules. If you are interested in embarking upon a homestay program, follow the Exchange Request and Determination System guidelines.

School Exchanges

Wakayama’s 450 elementary, junior high and high schools are proactively conducting exchange programs with schools from around the world to foster a greater sense of global understanding and to share the rich culture and customs of Wakayama.

Overseas students visiting Wakayama schools can expect to gain insight into a regular Japanese lifestyle by attending classes, taking part in schools’ club activities—including tea ceremony—and involvement in awareness campaigns centered around the environment and strategies to cope with natural disasters.

If you are interested in organizing a school exchange, please refer to the Exchange Request and Determination System guidelines about the next steps.

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Experiential Learning Programs

Wakayama offers a wide range of experiential learning programs that will help students acquire in-depth knowledge on important subject matters. Hear directly from professionals in the fields of resource management, ancient site preservation, food culture, and natural heritage.

Through the resource management program, students can discover more about the farming and preservation of bluefin tuna. Students attend a live fish auction, learn about developments in tuna farming, and the efforts being made to preserve the fish stocks.

Preservation of a different kind is at the heart of the Kumano Kodo Preservation field trip. Students head to the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes to learn about how this ancient path is maintained, along with learning about the history of the routes and the grand shrines they lead too.

Other programs tackle critical issues facing the world today, including "learning the power of thinking through the culture of food," "globally important agricultural heritage systems," and "preservation of corals, to save our precious oceans."

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