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The Natural Wonders and Traditional Culture of Koyasan and Kumano

Koyasan is a sacred mountain-top temple complex in Wakayama prefecture comprising 117 temples. It is here that Kobo-Daishi, a great Japanese monk, founded Shingon Esoteric Buddhism roughly 1200 years ago. Today, the mountain retreat attracts large numbers of visitors from all around the world. Wandering from temple to temple provides an unforgettable experience and gives an insight into the traditions of Japan. Don’t miss out on a visit to this truly mystical town.

For over 1000 years, people from all levels of society have made arduous journeys through the Kii mountains to worship at the grand shrines of the Kumano region. These pilgrims use a network of routes, now called the Kumano Kodo. Walking these trails is to trace the roots of Japanese culture and come face to face with nature’s beauty. You sense something truly special when you tread the Kumano Kodo.