For centuries, many have made a pilgrimage to Wakayama from all around Japan. Whether, emperor, samurai, or lowly pilgrim, all came searching for peaceful contemplation and a soothing remedy for the soul. Given the trials of 2020, the need to recharge and rejuvenate is as acute as ever.

Now that domestic travel restrictions have been relaxed, consider a trip to Wakayama. Follow in the footsteps of many before you and take rejuvenating dips in onsen, contemplative walks under thick forest canopies and visit shrine and temple complexes for a spiritual and mental boost.

Wakayama Travel Inspiration

Browse a selection of tried and tested Wakayama travel guides to spark inspiration for your own trip. Consider a trip from Kyoto to Kumano, fly direct from Tokyo to Shirahama, or take a double dose of spirituality by visiting Koyasan and the Kumano Kodo areas. Follow the guides or customize your own itinerary to explore Wakayama's forests and mountains, beaches and holy sites.

A Journey From Kyoto to Kumano

Stay Aware and Up-to-date

While we encourage you to come and recharge your batteries in Wakayama, be aware that the travel situation is fluid and likely to change with little warning. Keeping up to date with the latest information from official sources will allow you to make sound judgments regarding your travel plans.


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Wakayama on Film

Press play on these videos that showcase Wakayama's dramatic scenery and deep spirituality. Virtually take in the atmosphere at Wakayama's grand shrines, and enjoy an energy boost with Wakayama 800—designated cycle paths that weave through and along the prefecture's mountains, forests, valleys and coast.