Wakayama City—beautiful views, historical sights and fun trains

Wakayama City is the capital of Wakayama prefecture and is located an hour south of Osaka. The city offers visitors plenty to do, see and eat, with historical sights such as Wakayama Castle and the Tomogashima Islands, and original cuisine such as hearty Wakayama ramen. 
· Visit historical Wakayama Castle
· Try the local ramen—noodles in a rich and hearty pork soy sauce soup
· Visit the Tomogashima Islands with their abandoned military buildings
· Ride the medetai trains, decorated with cute fish motifs
· Discover the origins of soy sauce

Wakayama City Area

Wakayama City is an easy express-train ride from Osaka and Kyoto.
The prefectural capital is a historical and culinary hub, as well as a gateway to the rest of Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama Castle has dominated the city's skyline for centuries, and the Tomogashima Islands were once a secret military base before nature began to take back what was hers. Cute medetai trains run along the tracks, and foodies will enjoy tasting local specialities such as Wakayama ramen.

Travel Tips

Nightlife(Gourmet Information)
Explore Wakayama City's many restaurants, but don't forget to slurp down a bowl of Wakayama ramen—each store has an original broth so no two bowls are the same. More Info

Premier Wakayama(Souvenir Shop)
The Premier Wakayama brand showcases the best crafts, items and foodstuffs that Wakayama has to offer. More Info

Popular Spots

The top spot to visit in Wakayama City is Wakayama Castle. It was originally built in 1585 and was a crucial military stronghold for many of Japan's most powerful families through the ages. Combine a trip to the castle with a relaxing bath at a local onsen, and a warming bowl of Wakayama ramen.

Medetai Trains & Tomogashima Islands

Medetai trains are decorated with motifs of Kada's local specialty fish, tai (red snapper.) The trains travel between Wakayamashi Station and Kada Stations in the city. A ferry to the Tomogashima Islands departs from Kada Station.

Kishu Shikki (lacquerware)

Kishu shikki is a lacquerware craft from Wakayama prefecture. Wakayama has had a long history with traditional lacquerware.

The Origins of Soy Sauce

Did you know the origins of soy sauce lie in the small town of Yuasa in Wakayama? Discover more by visiting this atmospheric area of historical buildings.

How to Get to Wakayama from Tokyo and Osaka

To get to Wakayama City from Osaka, take the Nankai Main Line from Namba. It will take over an hour to Nankai Wakayamashi. Alternatively, take the JR Hanwa Line from Tennoji to JR Wakayama. The journey takes around one hour.

The easiest way to reach Wakayama City from Tokyo is by air. There are daily flights from Haneda to Kansai International Airport (KIX). From the airport, take the Kanku Express to Hineno and change to the JR Hanwa Line for Wakayama. Alternatively, take one of the limousine buses from the airport to Wakayama Station in around 40 minutes. More Info

Travel Tips

Nankai 2 Day Pass
Ride on all Nankai Lines freely (excluding the Semboku Line) for only 2,000 yen. More Info

Wakayama Pass
Explore Wakayama with the Wakayama Sightseeing Pass that allows you to travel on round trip or one way tickets. More Info