Making Memories in Wakayama


Wakayama is abrim with unforgettable experiences. Whether you dream of swimming with whales, staying the night at a temple in Koyasan or trying your hand at a traditional Japanese craft, the opportunities are endless. Check out some of our top suggestions below.

Kishuyaki is a special kind of pottery unique to the Wakayama region. At Aoigama, a renowned workshop in Shirahama Town, you can get creative and make anything from a sake cup to a vase or a plate. Professionally crafted works are on display in the workshop and available for purchase.

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Taiji Whale Museum

Dolphin & Whale Encounters

Taiji Whale Museum is a large complex that includes an aquarium and both dolphin and whale pools in addition to a museum with various whale-related displays. Dolphin and whale shows are held several times daily and it is also possible to book dolphin swimming and other exciting experiences.

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Koyasan Shukubo Association

Temple Stays, Meditation & Sutra Copying

Part of the charm of visiting Koyasan is staying in a temple. Temple lodgings are called shukubo in Japanese, and the Koyasan Shukubo Association can help organize temple stays. They can also arrange meditation sessions, sutra copying and other activities to give you a feel for Buddhism.

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Warashi Hands-on Activity Center

Washi Paper Making & Lantern Crafting

At this activity center, you can make something to take home from your Wakayama trip. Workshops include washi paper making and paper lantern crafting. You can also make a fan or weave your own sandals out of straw.

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Aizome Keira

Indigo Dyeing

Want to try your hand at indigo dyeing? Dye a handkerchief, bandana, T-shirt, or anything else of your choosing. All possible at the workshops offered by Aizome Keira, an indigo dyeing studio in a small artist community in Tanabe City.

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Minomusi Art Studio

Isekatagami Stencil Making

Isekatagami is the traditional Japanese craft of making paper stencils for dyeing textiles. At Minomusi Art Studio in the Ryujin-no-Ie artist community in Tanabe City, you can make an isekatagami stencil of your own and create a unique postcard. Take the stencil home with you, and you can use it to transfer a decorative design onto almost anything.

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Ottotto Hiroba

Visit a Fish Market

Ottotto Hiroba is a fish market in the Wakaura bay area, to the south of Wakayama City. Visitors are welcome to browse the wide variety of fish for sale and even try some fresh sashimi. Go in the morning to see the best selection.

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Nakata Foods

Plum Wine Workshop

Nakata Foods is a Wakayama-based company that produces a range of ume-based food and beverage products. At their HQ sales outlet, you can make your very own umeshu plum wine. If you are with kids, try making the ume cordial.

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