Melt in the Mouth Tuna


Although ocean-fresh tuna can be enjoyed throughout Wakayama, head to Nachikatsuura, one of the country's leading tuna landing areas, for the freshest of the fresh. Local restaurants have extensive menus with a variety of tuna-based dishes. Ask for a recommendation or try one of the favourites below.

Oshokuji Dokoro Katsuragi

Maguro Teishoku

This small hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves typical regional cuisine. The Maguro Teishoku, or tuna set meal, features the season's finest tuna served several different ways, including raw, fried and grilled. This generous set is available for both lunch and dinner.

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Owned by Tobayama Fisheries, the seafood served at Oshokuji Dokoro Tobayama is always fresh out of the ocean. The Magurodon, a bowl of rice topped lavishly with the freshest cuts of raw tuna, comes highly recommended.

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Maguro Ryori Takehara

Meibutsu Maguro Teishoku

The tuna set meal at Maguro Ryori Takehara is what this restaurant is known for. The main dish is a generous selection of different tuna cuts served raw. It comes with a host of other small dishes showcasing the season's best fare. To order it, ask for the 'Meibutsu Maguro Teishoku'.

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Yagumo Sushi Katsuuraten

Nama Maguro no Nigiri

What better way to enjoy tuna than in the form of sushi? The tuna nigiri at this top-end sushi restaurant are topped with thick, meaty pieces of tuna. The two piece tuna nigiri set starts at ¥1100. For the highest grade cuts the price jumps to ¥3200.

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Nama Maguro Chutoro Katsu Teishoku

The must-order item at bodai is the tuna cutlet set, or 'Nama Maguro Chutoro Teishoku'. Coated in bread crumbs and very lightly fried, the tuna remains mouthwateringly raw in the centre. It is served with a citrus dip and side dishes.

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