Sweet and Fruity: Wakayama's Top Sweet Treats


Blessed with a mild climate, Wakayama is the perfect place to grow fruit year round. From strawberries in winter to peaches in summer and persimmons in autumn. Pop into a local patisserie or cake shop for delicious creations using Wakayama's finest fruits.

Kusugin Yogashiten

Ichigo Cake Mochi

Made using strawberries from a local farm, this fruity treat is a hit with locals. It is a sponge cake and strawberry mousse confection wrapped in a thinly rolled sheet of mochi, which is made from glutinous rice. You can try one for just ¥260.

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Le Patissier Miki


Le Patissier Miki specializes in sweets and desserts that showcase the Wakayama region's fruits. The Mikancier is a financier cake flavoured with mandarin oranges, or 'mikan' in Japanese. Sold individually and in boxes of 14, they are great as either a quick treat or a gift.

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Baked by members of the local community, you can pick up these crunchy cookies at Kanko Tokusan Center Kokawa. They are made using locally grown Hassaku oranges, large oranges with a slight bitter flavour and understated sweetness. Savour them with a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine.

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Fumiko Noen

Ume Glaces

Winner of the International Taste & Quality Institute's superior taste award for three consecutive years, these preserved plums are well worth a try. The plums used are top-ranked Nanko Ume, which are salted and marinated in honey for six months before being individually packaged, for a mellow, salty sweet taste. A pack of 5 is ¥864.

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JA Kinosato Momoyama Tokusan Center

Arakawa no Momo Yokan

Yokan is a traditional Japanese sweet bean jelly confection. The variety sold at this farm shop in Kinokawa contains the pulp from Wakayama brand peaches. Delicately flavoured and tastefully sweet, this unique treat is great with both green and black tea.

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