Wakayama's Most Exciting Adventures


Blessed with miles of coastline, pristine rivers and lush, verdant mountains, Wakayama is a natural playground. From the mountains to the sea, you can hike the Kumano Kodo World Heritage trails, try windsurfing and kayaking or explore the region's unique ocean environment. Even the most seasoned of outdoor adventurers will find something new. Below are some of the best adventures.

Club Noah Susami caters to divers of all levels and offers both beach and boat dives. If you don't have a licence, enquire about the experience dives. The shop also rents out GoPro cameras so you can capture your underwater adventure.

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Most dive shops are found further south in Wakayama, but Sea Garden Diving School is conveniently located in the Wakaura bay area of Wakayama City. Both beginners and experienced divers are welcome and the shop can arrange beach and boat dives at various locations along Wakayama's coastline.

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Kumano Kodo Walking & Taxi Tours

Contact Mi-Kumano for tours of the Kumano region, an area famed for its World Heritage sites and pilgrimage routes. This group of guides offers a range of walking tours from one-day hikes to four-day tours. They can also arrange guided taxi tours if walking isn't for you.

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Kumano Trek

Kumano Kodo Walking Tours

Kumano TREK is a friendly group of local guides familiar with the Kumano region and the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes that run through the area. They offer guided walking tours of varying levels and enjoy sharing stories and insights along the way.

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Resort Oshima

Camping, Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling

Primarily a campsite and cabin rental complex, Resort Oshima offers a range of outdoor activities for both staying and non-staying guests. These include fun dives, island tours, sea kayaking and snorkeling. The complex also boasts a small restaurant and hot spring facility.

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Windsurfing & SUP

Want to learn how to windsurf? Contact Kaze, a windsurfing shop and school on Hamanomiya beachfront. They offer both beginner and intermediate level lessons and rental options for proficient windsurfers. Stand up paddle board (SUP) lessons and rentals are also available.

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KAC Kozagawa Adventure Club

Canoeing & Kayaking

The Kozagawa area is known for its clear rivers and streams. With KAC Kozagawa Adventure Club, you can explore these beautiful waterways in kayaks and canoes. Tours typically last three hours and cost ¥6000 per person.

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Kazuyoshimaru Boat Tours

Whale Watching & Fishing Tours

The waters off the coast of Wakayama are home to various species of whale and dolphin. Mr. Tani, the captain of the Kazuyoshimaru, welcomes guests onboard for whale watching tours departing from Kii Oshima island in Kushimoto. Tours typically last three to four hours. The boat can also be chartered for fishing tours.

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