Hydrangea Festival

The Hydrangea Festival is a Shinto ritual held at Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors view hydrangea and pray for sound health while expressing gratitude for the blessings of nature. Dozens of types of hydrangea bloom in the shrine precincts, which are home to about 2,500 bushes. People who visit the shrine by around noon can also receive matcha green tea.

General Information

Event period
June 14
At JR Kii-Katsuura Station, take the Kumano Kotsu Bus and get off at “Jinja/Otera Chushajo”; Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine is 10 minutes by foot

* Facility information is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.

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