Kimii-dera Temple

This temple is said to have been founded by a Chinese monk in the year 770 and was a place to pray for the prosperity of the Tokugawa Clan of Wakayama. Many cherry trees are planted within the precincts of Kimii-dera Temple, which is known as a place for early-blooming cherry blossoms. Once you climb all 231 steps that lead to the precincts, you can enjoy panoramic views of beautiful Wakanoura Bay.

General Information

Telephone Number
5 min walk from JR Kimiidera Station
From the Wakayama Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway, take National Route 42 and Prefectural Road 154 towards Nankai for approximately 9.6 km.

* Facility information is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.

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